Terms & Conditions

We understand that your Anxiety Relief TM product should arrive within 4 to 7 days of your order. Your tracking number should reach you within 2-3 days of your purchase (excluding weekends and holidays). However, we recognize that there are situations (e.g., Covid-19 pandemic, mail delays, bad weather) beyond our control that may delay your order.

We are not responsible for shipments lost in the mail or due to incorrect and/or insufficient addresses entered by you into our system when making your purchase. We will be responsible for delivering a new order at our cost if the reason you do not get your product is due to our error.
The use of Dr. Carlo Blanco's Anxiety Relief TM does not constitute treatment or therapy with Dr. Blanco, nor is healing of any mental health problems you may have guaranteed. We always recommend that you consult your family doctor.

We do not recommend that you give up your current drug treatment to use Dr. Carlo Blanco's Anxiety Relief TM. We recommend that, if you are using them, you consult with your physician to create your medication withdrawal action plan(s).

Neither Dr. Carlo Blanco nor Carlo Blanco Enterprises is responsible for your medication decisions regarding your treatment plan or withdrawal.
By making your purchase you understand that Dr. Carlo Blanco's Anxiety Relief TM is a natural homeopathic product, and that each system is unique and different. His results are unique. The results of the testimonials presented here do not represent any guarantee of your results with the product.
By making my purchase I understand that I waive any claim against Dr. Carlo Blanco, Blanco Enterprises or Blanco & Blanco Psychology for my results and experience with Anxiety Relief TM.
I understand that publishing information that is offensive, incorrect, or deliberately intended to adversely affect Dr. Carlo Blanco and/or his Anxiety Relief TM, because of my discomfort with my results or for any other reason, may result in a defamation lawsuit against me.

Any other information can be contacted at info@drcarloblanco.com